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At MS Home Tutor, education not just providing knowledge. For us, it is a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. Our motto is:

“Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet”

“And the Light Shineth In The Darkness.”

We encourage our teachers and students to strive to be the best in their knowledge, no matter what it is.

We live in difficult times, where pandemics like Covid-19 are a threat to everyone’s safety. To ensure that we succeed in our vision to empower our youth with knowledge, we offer a platform where you can study, take quizzes, and collaborate with your favorite teachers right here on MS Home Tutor.

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What We Offer

O & A Levels/Matric Preparation

Subject Tutoring

We have numerous tutors offering lectures online and notes of different O and A Level subjects.

We also have other short courses for professionals who would like to endorse their skills.

Math & Physics

English & Literature

Chemistry & Biology

Test Prep

If you want special coaching for tests and exams (O and A Level, or others) our team of the best teachers in each subject are here to help. 

They will give you quizzes and lectures as per your needs.


SAT Prep

Standardized Testing

Study Skills

Due to the current situation, children are finding it hard to adapt to self-studying. Our tutors make learning online more fun and interactive using innovative ways to engage and motivate kids to study online.

Basic Study Skills

Reading Comprehension

Homework Efficiency

Digital Marketing Courses & Others

Digital Marketing

Unlock the power of digital marketing with our comprehensive course. Learn proven strategies to drive online visibility, engage your target audience, and skyrocket your business growth. Gain the skills to thrive in the digital age.

Search Engine Marketing

Google Ads / PPC Management

Content Writing

And Others

Professional and Personal Development

Embark on a transformative journey of personal growth with our empowering Personal Development courses. Discover your true potential, enhance your self-awareness, boost confidence, and cultivate the skills to create a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Self Grooming

Fitness & Health



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Higher Level

MS Home Tutor is all about making the most of life because life is precious. Stay safe, stay at home, and educate yourself in various ways.

A healthy you brings a happy you! Inner happiness brings peace and confidence.

MS Home Tutor aims to make learning online the best option for EVERYONE from the safety of their homes.

At first, I was not sure about how effective studying online via MS Home Tutor would be. Today I am glad I tried this platform. 

The training sessions and materials by the teacher of my choice proved very helpful in acing my Cambridge exams.

Inter Student

12th Grade Graduate

I just passed my Cambridge O Level Islamiyat and other subjects with an A. I feel very excited and happy to recommend using MS Home Tutor for online studying. 

The lecturers here are very friendly and professional.  

O Levels Student

Cambridge O Level

MS Home Tutor is a life changer. I think I never felt so confident about studying at school as I do with the lecturers here at MS Home Tutor. Every teacher here is very qualified and experienced. MS Tutor picks only the best!

I highly recommend studying via MS Home Tutor.

A Levels Student

Cambridge A Level

Let’s Learn Together!

Let us work together to give our youth an excellent education and give our young tutors a chance to prove themselves better than lecturers and teachers anywhere else in the world.

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