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General Questions


What is the role of MS Home Tutor?

Our goals and vision are intertwined. We aim to make learning and educating people easy and affordable. We envision a youth empowered by the highest standards of education no matter what background they come from.

How much does it cost to study at MS Home Tutor?

There are different prices for each subject depending on the experience of the teacher. MS Home Tutor is also a platform where young and beginners at teaching can build their career as educators. 

What are the short courses you have and can students request for specific course not listed on MS Home Tutor?

MS Home Tutor has professional and short courses for people interested in advanced studies. We also offer international short courses endorsed by the CPD (in the UK). These include but are not limited to SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing. 

Students can request courses we do not already offer and we will try to arrange the educators for them. 

What is the registration fee for teachers and students at MS Home Tutor?

Teachers have a registration fee of Rs.2,000 (non-refundable) and an ongoing percentage of total income is paid to MS Home Tutor per month.

Students have a registration fee of Rs.500 per subject (non-refundable). They must pay per subject fees onwards, on a monthly basis.

What courses are available at MS Home Tutor?

We offer courses starting from Matric and Cambridge O-Level, up to Cambridge A-Level courses, career development courses, and CPD Certified courses for professionals.

Where can I get tutoring schedules on MS Home Tutor?

Schedules for every subject by every teacher will be in their respective profiles. Students can choose the ones that suit them best and register accordingly.

What can I do if i miss a class?

Teachers are advised to send videos and notes of their entire courses within two weeks of registering with MS Home Tutor. This prevents their missing a lecture day as per their schedules. We ensure providing the courses to the students on time.

Students who miss a lecture can request the lecture notes and videos and work hard at catching up on what they missed. This will depend on their willingness to help themselves.

Let’s Learn Together!

Let us work together to give our youth an excellent education and give our young tutors a chance to prove themselves better than lecturers and teachers anywhere else in the world.

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