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Are you willing to join our team of expert online tutors? If yes, then we are delighted to have you on board. We hope you share the same enthusiasm and vision as our founder and CEO (Mrs. Mona Hadi) has. 

At MS Home Tutor, we have only one goal – providing the best quality education to our youth. This means we have to screen our applicants to make sure they can offer an education that meets international standards.

Therefore, we will like to screen your credentials and have a quick meeting on a call with you.

If you meet our criteria as a suitable eductor, then we will definitely love to have you onboard. Tutors can deregister at any time.


How It Works is Easy

Once you submit your credentials we will screen and shortlist you. Shortlisted tutors will get an email or call to schedule a call meeting with our administrative officers.

In one to two working days, we will get back to you.

Shortlisted tutors will have to register with us for a small administrative non-refundable fee. Payment can be via bank transfer or deposit. You will have to submit proof of payment via email. Once received we will create your tutor profile on MS Home Tutor and help find students for your classes.

Our admin will share the schedule details with tutors and share the link where live lectures can hold. Tutors must make notes in PDF files to facilitate learning. 

Tutors can give assignments and have quizzes as they feel appropriate to evaluate the performance of each candidate.

We Ensure Compliance

Monitoring Tutors and Students


As part of our policies, we screen and monitor all live lectures to protect both our tutors and students from any disagreements.

We encourage implementing and complying with the best practices. This includes tutors having a professional decorum at all times.

Likewise, we discourage our students from misbehaving with their tutors and taking this opportunity to learn at MS Home Tutor for granted.

If there are complaints from either side, we will take the necessary disciplinary action to ensure ongoing best practices at MS Home Tutor.

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